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华北明珠白洋淀 The Pearl of North China--Baiyang Lake
白洋淀位于河北省安新县中部,地处京、津、石腹地,总面积有366平方公里,是华北平原最大的淡水湖泊。 Surrounded by Beijing, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang, Baiyang Lake is located in the center of Anxin County, Hebei Province. It has a total area of 366 square kilometers and it is the largest freshwater lake in North China Plain.
这里风景秀丽,物产丰富,历史学问底蕴深厚,自古就是风景旅游胜地。 The scenery here is beautiful and resources are rich. It has profound historical and cultural background and it has been a scenic tourist resort since ancient times.
近年来,安新县启动了白洋淀生态旅游建设工程,总投资4.4亿元,建成了中国北方最大的内陆旅游码头——白洋淀旅游新码头和一批新景点。 In recent years, Anxin County started Baiyang Lake ecological tourism construction project, with a total investment of 440 million Yuan. And now it has completed building a new wharf of Baiyang Lake, the largest inland tourism wharf in the north of China, and a group of new scenic spots.
如今的白洋淀景区,以水路为特点,以观赏生态为特色,2001年被国家旅游局评为4A级旅游区。 Nowadays, Baiyang Lake scenic area is characterized by waterways and ecological sightseeing and it was awarded “National 4A-Level Tourist Area” by National Tourism Administration in 2001.
整个旅游区分为六大景区,每个景区都有鲜明的定位主题,即鸳鸯岛民俗、学问景区,荷花观赏景区,生态游乐景区,休闲娱乐景区,码头观光景区,民俗村观光景区。 It contains six scenic zones which are Mandarin Duck Island Folk-custom and Cultural Scenic Zone, Lotus Sightseeing Scenic Zone, Ecological Recreation Scenic Zone, Leisure Entertainment Scenic Zone, Wharf Sightseeing Scenic Zone and Folk Culture Village Sightseeing Scenic Zone, and each spot has its distinct positioning theme.
接下来我就带领大家依次去游览。 Next I will lead you to visit one by one.
? 大家现在来到的就是鸳鸯岛民俗、学问景区。 We now arrive at Mandarin Duck Island Folk-custom and Cultural Scenic Zone.
鸳鸯岛周围芦苇环抱,荷花簇拥,是白洋淀景区的王牌景点,岛上游、购、娱、吃、住、行设施齐全。 Surrounded by reeds and lotuses, Mandarin Duck Island is the greatest attraction of Baiyang Lake. It is well equipped and tourists can conveniently tour, go shopping, entertain, eat, live and travel.
白天,您来到这里,可以感受到淀风习习,碧波粼粼,极目远望,视野开阔,心旷神怡。夜晚,漫步淀边,会看到渔家灯火,鸳鸯映月,如画如诗。 In the daytime, here you will feel the cool wind from the lake and enjoy clear and blue ripples. Stretching out your eyes, you will have a broad view, which will make you relaxed and happy. In the evening, walking by the lake, you will see the light from the fisherman' houses and the mandarin ducks swimming in the moonlight, which is as pretty as a picture.?
大家来到的这个地方,是水乡风情园。 Here is the Water Village Style Garden.
如想目睹摩梭人的走婚习俗,请您走入摩梭乐园;如想体验傣族泼水节的感受,请您加入泼水欢歌的行列。 If you want to witness the custom of walking marriage of the Mosuo people, please step into the Mosuo Park;if you want to taste the feeling of the Dai Water-Splashing Festival, please join them to splash water with happy songs.
前面就是少数民族歌舞表演场。您瞧,彝族、白族、哈尼族、傣族等14个少数民族的姑娘、小伙子轮番上场,各显民族特色,如想学或露一手,不妨您也加入舞的队列,融入歌的旋律。 Performances of minorities for tourists are just ahead. Please have a look, boys and girls are showing different ethnic characteristics, and they are from fourteen different minorities including Yi, Bai, Hani, Dai and so on. If you want to learn or show off something,you can join them to enjoy dancing and singing.
更令您陶醉的还有大家白洋淀特色的表演。 We will be more intoxicated in the performing arts with characteristics of Baiyang Lake.
往前看,大淀中娶亲的船队伴随着欢快的迎宾曲划过来。 Please look straight ahead, the wedding boat fleet in the Lake is coming with songs of welcome for guests.
那边有令人刺激的鱼鹰捕鱼表演。 The exciting cormorant fishing performance is over there.
您还可以看到孙犁老先生笔下的水生嫂们织网、编席、打箔、制作芦苇工艺的表演。 You can also enjoy the show of women’s weaving fishing nets, plaiting mats,making reed foil and other crafts, which are mentioned in Mr Sunli’s literary work.
大家在游览过程中如想小憩,请您去鸳鸯茶楼饮茶,或乘坐高空缆车,居高临下,平眺大淀远景,鸟瞰本岛全貌,美妙、惬意会让您把疲劳抛到九霄云外。 If you want to have a rest, you can taste tea in the Mandarin Duck Teahouse or take the chairlift to see the distance view of the Lake and take a bird's-eye view of the Island. The amazing view and contented feeling will drive off your tiredness
到白洋淀,游人最喜欢的是看荷花。 In the Baiyang Lake, the favorite thing tourists want to do is enjoying the sight of lotus.
大家现在来到的,就是白洋淀的荷花大观园。这里是以赏荷为主题的景区。 Here we are at the Grand View Garden of lotus.
它一改以往山洋淀荷花品种单调的状况,集荷花之大成,荟萃了我国南北各地216种荷花。其中名贵品种156个,野生品种60个,占地2000余亩,成为我国目前面积最大、品种最齐全的荷花展示基地。 The Garden gathers 216 varieties of lotus in China. 156 of them are rare species, 60 of them are wild species. The Garden covers more than 133 hectares, and is the largest and the most complete varieties lotus display base.
您在这里,可以尽赏荷花的千姿百态、千娇百媚,也可以尽情地体会荷花“山污泥而不染”的风韵。 Here you can enjoy the different varieties of beautiful and charming lotus. In China, people often used a poem "Live in the silt but not imbrued" to praise the quality of the flowers.
朋友们请看,眼前的这一大片荷花,就是大家白洋淀有名的一景——十里荷香。 Please look at the large carpet of lotus. This is one of the most scenic in Baiyang Lake. We call it “Ten-mile Lotus Fragrance”.
粼粼白洋水,十里荷香浓,早在明代,这里就被称为莲花港,游客云集,华章篇篇。 The water of the Lake is clear and the fragrance of lotus is rich. As early as the Ming Dynasty it is also called lotus lough.
千百年来,“十里荷香”不知吸引了多少文人墨客,倾倒了多少达官贵人,陶醉了多少红男绿女,折服了几代皇妃帝王。 Over the centuries the “Ten-mile Lotus Fragrance” has attracted a lot of poets and literary men, high officials and noble lords, guys and dolls and even many kings and their concubines.
大家现在来到的是“元妃荷园”,据说自古赏花之人常会于此,留下不少绝同佳句。 Now we are at the Yuanfei Park. It is said that many lotus viewers always gathered here from of old and left some famous words and meaningful sentences.
特别是到了金代,章宗皇帝的爱妃——元妃,名叫李师儿(安新城里人),对荷花情有独钟,经常让章宗皂帝伴她来此,泛舟赏荷,于是此地逐渐成为皇帝赏荷之所,故后人将此地称为“元妃荷园”。 To the Jin Dynasty, Yuanfei, one of Emperor Zhangzong’s favorite concubines, showed special preference to lotus. Because she came from here, she used to ask the emperor to come here with her to have a boating and appreciating lotus. So, the park is called the Yuanfei Park.
大家快看!前面就是大家白洋淀的禽鸟自然保护区了。 Please have a look. This is the wild bird natural reserve natural reserves.
这里水禽、水鸟极多,大的有如一只绵羊的鹈鹕,小的有如幼儿拳头大小的翠鸟,文静的有交颈依偎的鸳鸯,凶猛的有凌空自下、入水捕鱼的鸬鹚。 There are great deals of waterfowls and water birds. The larger one is just like the pelican, and the smaller one is like the kingfisher. The mandarin ducks snuggle up to each other gently and the cormorants dive into the water for fish fiercely.
在这里您只要细心、耐心,就既可观赏到性情孤傲的白鹭独立水中的情景,也可看到体态轻盈的翠鸟一闪而下、从容得鱼而去的精彩场景。 If you have enough patience and chariness, you can not only watch the aloof and proud egret standing in the water but also catch sight of the slim kingfisher diving into the water for fish.
这个岛就是休闲岛,是白洋淀的休闲娱乐景区。 Now we are coming to the leisure island. It is an ideal place for entertainment.
小岛周围芦苇摇曳,莲香阵阵,别样风情;岛内小桥流水,绿柳成阴,鸟语花香。客舍青青,鱼肥蟹美,恍如人间仙境。 Surround the island, the tender reed is flickering, and the scent of lotus is in the air. On the island, little bridges and flowing water, the comfortable shadow of willow trees, birds, flowers, small cottages and river food, just like fairyland on the earth.
无论您是紧张工作了五天来过周末,还是经历了一段艰苦打拼来度假期,这里都会让您如愿而归。 You will have a wonderful time here either taking a weekend break or spending you holidays.
请大家随我登岸,这里就是码头观光景区。 ?Please go ashore with me. Here is the boat pier scenic spot.
大家现在所在的就是白洋淀旅游码头,它气魄宏大,雄浑壮观,品位不凡,是华北内陆湖泊中最大的码头。 Now we are in the Baiyang Lake tourist boat pier. It is particular grand and glorious, and is the biggest port of inland lake in North China.
这个码头呈凹形内弧避风港式,全长317米,占地面积91亩,建有60个舶位,可同时停靠画舫、快艇、木船等450艘船只。 This port is concave in shape, 317 meters long and covers more than 6 hectares. It has 60 docks for 450 painted pleasure boats, speed boat and wooden boat to shore.
在此登舟,仰观港临大楼,高大巍峨,大楼顶上江泽民同志的亲笔题词“华北明珠白洋淀”,金光闪闪,耀人眼目。 You can look up to the majestic Lingang building on the boat, on which there is the autograph inscription “The Pearl of North China--Baiyang Lake” by Mr Jiang Zemin, the former leader of the People’s Republic of China.
前面是沙滩浴场。这是一个人工建造的游泳场。 In front of us is the beach bathing place. It is a manmade bathing beach.
这里水质极好,水位由浅而深,不同深度的水位,设有浮标,标明水的深度。为前来游泳休憩的游客提供了绝对安全的保证。 The water here is perfect, and we use the buoys to mark the different depth in order to ensure the swimmer’s safety.
同时,为防万一,泳场内还设有救生艇,有水性极好的白洋淀水手值班。所以,无沦是游泳高手还是初学者,在这里都可以一展身手, And just in case, we also have lifeboat and experienced sailor to keep watch. Whether you are an excellent swimmer or a beginner, you can enjoy yourself here..
大家现在来到的是明珠游乐园,它占地500亩。 Now we are arriving at the Pearl Amusement Park. It covers more than 33 hectares.
园内建有明珠广场、芳茵停车场、舒心园、白洋淀垂钓园、温馨垂钓园、寻芳植物园和清凉湖、水系工程等,水、电供给设备完善,通讯设施齐全,是集旅游观光、休闲娱乐、活动集会于一体的大型游乐园。 In the park, we have built the pearl square, the grassland parking lot, the comfort garden, two fishing spots, botanical garden, the Qingliang Lake, water system works and so on. With perfect power and water supplies and complete communications facilities, it is an integrated amusement park, containing with tour and sightseeing, leisure and recreation and assembly activities.
来到大家白洋淀,走马观花是难以真下领略它的全部魅力的,您一定要去民俗村体验一下真正的北方水乡。 Coming here, it is hard to appreciate all the charms of the Lake with a brief visit. I suggest that you should taste of the folk-custom of north riverside town in the folk culture villages.
 如今,工家寨、东田庄、淀头三个水乡渔村作为民俗旅游村对游客开放。在这里,您可以和渔村的乡亲们同吃、同住、同劳动,亲自打鱼、捉虾、放鹰、荡舟,做水乡饭、品渔家菜,真真切切地体验北方水乡的民俗生活。 Now we have three villages are open to visitors, they are Gongjiazhai, Dongtianzhuang, Diantou. You can eat, live and work with the local people, you can have an experience of fishing, catching prawns, falconry, canoeing on the river, cooking and tasting local food
我相信,那种别有一番风味的北国水乡渔民的生活,一定会使您兴趣盎然,流连忘返。 I believe you must be interested in the fishermen's lives and find hard to turn away from.
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